About scammers

Unfortunately, getting rid of the many scammers on the Internet is almost impossible. As new ways of dealing with deceivers are created, they become more and more thoughtful. Despite the fact that we tried to clear the dating service of scammers, especially inventive ones were still able to squeeze through.

How to determine that your interlocutor is a scammer?

1. Look at the page.
It is easy to distinguish a profile of a real person from a fictional one. Usually, several scammers are sitting at the same account at once. Pay attention to whether the page design is consistent in the same style.

2. The manner of speech is also important.
Usually a person writes in one way. The writer can always be distinguished by style. If several people communicate with you through one account, it is easy to notice. So look at the speech turns. You will always feel the wrong.

3. There should be no talk of money.
Fraudsters cheat people for a reason. On this they earn money, and considerable. If the interlocutor begins to ask something about income, raise financial issues, then it is better to stop communicating with him.

4. Pay attention to the photographs.
Fraudsters often use Photoshop, post the same type of photos of strangers. Falseness is always noticeable from afar.

What to do with a scammer?

Everything here is ridiculously simple. Let us know about the suspicious page. We will check everything. If the account really turns out to be strange, it will be blocked. The main thing here is not to try to deal with the fraudster yourself. In this case, it can only do harm. If not for you, then for other users. We have special people who deal with this problem. They make the bride agency a safe space in which there are no extra people.

Remember, the peace of the entire online community is in the hands of each of us.